Shocking! Another New Militant Group?

After declaring a ceasefire with the federal government on sunday, the Niger deltra militants are being slammed by the Adaka Boro avengers for the planning of negotiations with the FG.

The Niger delta militants had then announced a ceasefire in order to stop pipeline bombings. This was announced by Edwin Clark, the leader of the negotiating team. This ceasefire brings an end to the proposed declaration of an independent Niger delta republic.

But the Adaka Boro avengers are against that and insist that the declaration of the republic would take place in October 1st. Spokesman of the group, Edmos Ayayeibo stated that they will not agree to any negotiations. He said that there is no going back and no one can stop them.

He noted that they were tired of Presdident Buhari's leadership and also announced that their radio station Will be launched in two weeks time. He further urged the Biafrans to follow their lead. Lastly he said that this declaration won't be stopped unless Nigeria is restructured.