Four Amazing Facts About Sofie Richie, Justin Beiber's New girl

After making a debut on the instagram page of Justin Beiber, Seventeen year old Sofia Richie have been the center of attention. The two had been spotted in a beach while holding hands,they hiked together and then again they were both in Japan in preparation of Justin Beiber's world tour.

Since we will get to be seeing Sofia Richie often, I've gathered some few amazing details about her.

First, she comes from a famous family. Being the daughter of renowned singer Lionel Richie and now divorced Diana Alexander, she's had it all with fame. She also rose to strardom by featuring in 'The simple life with Paris Hilton'. She is also passionate about her brother Miles who is 22 years old. She refers to him as her life.

Second, she started her modelling career in 2014. As a model, she had made appearances in Elle magazine, Vogue China and a host of others. So most times she's always sharing her modelling pictures on her instagram.

Third, she has no fear in her. She's generally involved in bike racing and so many action sports. But she's not so good in golf and she's not afraid to disclose it.

Fourth, she's really fun. Why? She loves dogs and named her's Cairo Richie. She's so much in love with it that she went to the extent of opening an instagram account for it. Next to that is the fact that she loves to braid her hair and flaunt it on social media. She had once desired being a singer but she decided against that when she grew older