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See the Lenovo laptops shipped with preinstalled viruses

Researchers have unearthed a security vulnerability in preinstalled software on some Lenovo products that breaks secure website connections and puts sensitive user data at risk.

Android malware spies on you even after phone is shut down

A particularly devious new Android malware can make calls or take photos even if you shut the device down, according to security research firm AVG.

NSA Stole Millions of SIM Card Encryption Keys

Edward Snowden is back with one of the biggest revelations about the government's widespread surveillance program.

Visafone has a 10 Terabyte data plan for N1000

First time I heard about this was on a road trip with a couple of friends.

Last chance for 84% off lifetime access to over 5,000 Adobe training videos

If you’re looking to get into graphic design or front-end Web development, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better online training course to round out your skill set. But you should act fast, because this deal is ending on Sunday 2/12 at 11:59PM PST.

Why your Windows Phone can not run Windows 10 Yet

Windows 10 is out for Windows Phone devices. That’s wrong. Windows 10 is out in preview for Windows Phone devices. Wait, that’s wrong, too. One more try. Windows 10 is out in preview for a subset of Windows Phone devices that currently run Windows 8.1. There we go.

Stop Drones from Flying over you house now

For people worried about how drones might affect their privacy, a website has mustered up a novel way to tackle the problem.

Get 2GB of free Google Drive storage right now

Google is offering a super easy way to get 2GB of extra storage on Google Drive.

The best landing page you would ever: Google I/O 2015

Click here to view it.

The Ubuntu Phone is now on sale in Europe

long last, the wait is finally over. The first Ubuntu-powered smartphone is on sale for the next nine hours for customers in Europe on Spanish mobile manufacturer BQ’s site.